Name of the Child P. Smithra
Name of the Father Mr.Poomiraj
Name of the Mother Mrs. Selvi
Girl / Boy Girl
Grade in School 5th Standard
Date of Birth 01-11-2009
Father Alive
Mother Alive
Family’s Income Rs. 3500/- (PM)
Siblings Sumathi – Elder Sister – 12th Standard

Sellammal – Elder Sister – 5th Standard

Panchavarnam – Younger Sister – 1st Standard

P. Pambayan – Younger Brother – Balwadi

Family background
The above mentioned girl P. Smithra was living with her parents and with her 4 siblings in a small rented thatched hut.  Both her parents are working as agricultural labors.  Even though her father is regular to his work he spent most of the money to consume alcohol.  He doesn’t spend single paisa to his family.  P. Smithra mother’s wage is use to meet the family’s need which is obviously insufficient for the family of seven members.  She is even struggling to pay the house rent.  The children are fed once or twice per day with nutritiously unbalanced food.  All the children are suffered of malnutrition.  There is always quarrel and quandary between the couple which leads to slackness in the parenting.  At certain point P. Smithra’s mother realized that the education is the only gateway for the bright future of her children.  So she decided to give her children a good environment and good education.
About the child
Smithra is a very active girl studying in 5th standard. Her lovingly socializing habit draws her lot of friends. She is a very obedient girl and loves very much to study.  She is good in her studies.  She is very loving with her brother and sisters.  Her ambition is to become a fashion designer.

In this situation her mother came to know about Valarkuzhanthai Trust and its services to the children especially to the girl children. Hence her mother approached and explained the situation of the family and the aspiration of the girl P. Smithra. We assured her to provide support and ensured the girl’s education and guaranteed for the bright future of the child. Accordingly we accommodated the girl in Valarkuzhanthai home. She is studying well and has scored good grade marks in the recent examination.

Our main aim is to provide free education to the abandoned girls and provide a platform to achieve their goal. Accordingly we are providing free educational requirements, hostel facilities and fulfill the needs of P. Smithra. Still we have to travel many more years with the child till she settles in her life. So we request you to support to bring a luminous future in her life.

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