Dear Friends

We warmly welcome you to India, State of Tamil Nadu, Tiruvidaikazhi Village, and to Valarkuzhanthai Trust, your “dream destination during the last few days. We are delighted to welcome you and share our lives with you during your stay with us. We promise you that you will definitely have enriching experience during your stay here.

Your presence among us is a sign of your generosity and we are in deep appreciation of your generosity and we are in deep appreciation of your generous involvement. We are indeed so pleased that you have taken your time to spend with us. May your tribe increase!

We wish that during your stay with us. You are able to gather numerous “pleasant memories”. We are happy to make this a reality. It is for sure that you are going to take a lot of wonderful memories to cherish in the life to come. Your perception of the world, friends and everyone will be changed. We are looking forward to have you in our amidst and give you excellent experience.

Valarkuzhanthai Trust Geographical Location

The head office of Valarkuzhanthai Trust is situated in Madurai, a historical city, traditionally renewed for cultural music (Carnatic), dance (Bharadhanattiyam), art, sculpture and Tamil (local vernacular) literature.

The Local Social Fabric

The primary occupation of the local people is agriculture. They cultivate Paddy, Maize, Sugarcane and Coconut during the year. Social values are centredon patriarchal eminence, prearranged marriage, joint-family, and village council. The average rural literacy rate is 56%. Superstitious practices due to lack of proper information, and prevalent poverty due to agricultural misfortunes are the basis for most of the social evils – social segregation of women, family indebtedness promoting mass migration from traditional homeland to urban centers, female infanticide, physical abuse of women and children by male chauvinists, and lack of healthy and conducive environment for the children.


 Valarkuzhanthai Trust was founded in 2015. Since its inception the idea of serving the poorest of the poor was the main thrust of the organization. The mission of Valarkuzhanthai was inspired by the ideals of St. Baptise DeLa Salle who expressed his believe in God and in humanity through the virtues of Faith (in God) and Zeal (service to the humanity). Within Valarkuzhanthai the faith in God is reflected through a deep trust and confidence in servings the underprivileged sections of the society. The Zeal is represented through our eagerness and enthusiasm that help in actions while serving the poor. To activate our service to the poor, Faith and Zeal have to go together. Education and the community developmental service are two main thrusts of our organization.


 The extensive services of Valarkuzhanthai Trust bear witness to the consistent involvement, the organization has had with the society. There are still many more sections of the society which need to be catered to. We continue our involvement hoping to create a social ambiance in which human persons will be treated with justice and equality.

Guidelines for Residential Guests at Valarkuzhanthai Trust

Dear Guest,

We are extremely happy to welcome you. The following are few information that may help you during your stay with us. Please feel free to clarify


1. Passport / Visa

  • Your passport should be valid for more than half a year over and above the visa time.
  • Arrange for tourist visa, (maximum for a period of six months). If you wish to extent your stay, you have to visit one of the neighbouring countries (Sri Lanka, Bangladesh) from where you could get extended tourist visa.
  • Kindly make sure you take proper visa before coming to our place for we have to register in online with the collector regarding your stay in our institution with legal visa requirements.

2. Communication with Valarkuzhanthai Trust

  • Letter correspondence through regular post takes 10 to 25 days. Communication through e-mails and telephone calls sure and faster. Our official phone number is +91-0452-2669050. Leave this number with your family for urgent calls. Our e-mail
  • While making arrangements for your arrivals at Valarkuzhanthai Trust, kindly make sure that your proposed date of arrival is confirmed by Valarkuzhanthai Trust. Month of April and May are examination and holiday months for our schools.
  • Kindly bring your mobile phone and we can arrange for SIM card for your use.

3. Medical Care

  • Kindly take necessary vaccines like Polio, Tetanus, Diphtheria, Typhus, Hepatitis A+B, Rabies, Meningokokken Meningitis, Japanese Encephalitis.
  • Kindly consult your local physician and take appropriate action.
  • We have mosquitos and thus you need to have necessary repellent to avoid mosquito bites.

Other Precaution

Bring appropriate medicines for the prevention / treatment of Malaria, diarrhea, and common cold. However such medicines are also available in India. You may also bring some basic antibiotics and sterilized needles for personal use during your travel outside of our campus.

4. Finance

US $, Euros, traveller cheques are accepted in India; you can change these currencies into Indian Rupees in all major towns and cities. Popular International credit cards are also accepted in shops and hotels. If you need help in changing your currency into our local money we extend our help in doing so.

5. Things to Bring with you:

  • Please take note of the fact that Internet connectivity around Valarkuzhanthai is slow.
  • Some books in your language to read during your free time.
  • Dictionary your language – English
  • Basic stationeries
  • Your personal toiletries (Many of the popular brands are available in India)
  • Sportswear ( shorts and shoes) for playing with the kids


1) Accommodation:

You will be accommodated at Valarkuzhanthai Orphanage. The rooms have attached bathrooms, individual cots with mattresses, bed- sheets and pillows.

If you come with a companion you need to share the room and the room will have two separate cots.

2) Drinking water:

Sterilized and filtered water in thirty liter cans is available for drinking purpose in the Dining Hall. If you need one liter bottles for your use you need to afford them to buy. Do not drink water from any other source.

3) Prayer:

You are welcome to join the evening prayer services and weekly Eucharist organized for the children. However feel free to decide for yourself.

4) First – Aid:

Medicine is readily available for minor cuts, cold, stomachache, etc. There is a well – equipped Hospital at Karaikal and Mayiladuthurai for regular medical Treatments.

5) Banking

The banking facilities are available at Karaikal and Mayiladuthurai.

6) Dress code:

You can wear casual dress while you are inside the campus. But while you visit our project sites the dress need to be more formal (full pants with casual tops).

7) Facilities at Karaikal and Mayiladuthurai

  • Toiletries, Stationaries and Medicine
  • Well-equipped hospital for regular medical treatment
  • Film theatre (only Tamil movies)
  • Shopping


1. Food and special diet

Simple South Indian food will be provided with in the campus. If you need any other special food out of the normal menu, kindly arrange to purchase and prepare it by yourself without disrupting the regular work of the kitchen staff. Kindly consult the Chief Co-ordinator with regard to such needs. For the purpose of providing food and accommodation the guest will be charged € 15 per day.

2. Room Cleaning

The visitors intending to stay for longer duration are requested to clean your rooms at least once a week by themselves. The bed covers and the towels provided by the Chief Co-ordinator have to be taken care of by the guests themselves. Make your own arrangements to wash your personal cloths as well regularly.

3. Relationship with the children

Do not invite or entertain any of the children in your rooms. If you wish to distribute any gifts to the children, kindly consult the Chief Coordinator in order to avoid misunderstandings among the children.

4. Relationship with the staff

Kindly maintain cordial relationship with all the staff within the campus. The staffs are not expected to invite any of the visitors to their private homes. If you receive such invitations, kindly clarify the appropriateness with the Chief Coordinator.

5. Personal tour plans

Kindly plan well ahead and inform the Chief Coordinator of your intention to go out for your personal purposes. This will help us to avoid any misunderstanding with your commitment to prescribed tasks and your presence with us.


We have tried to provide some basic information for your stay with us. However, if any things need to be clarified, please feel free to ask. We are eager to assist you.

                          May your “Indian Adventure” be a memorable one.

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